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Do you know what you like when you see it but don’t have a clue where to begin in your own home?

We’ve got your back (and your house)!!

We are passionate about design,  it's simplicity and functionality. We love how a well designed space can enhance life and people's well being. We've worked on design projects that include but are not limited to commercial, residential, both interior and exterior, website design, logo design, and clothing design. 

We’d love to consult with you on any housing design project from the preliminary vision casting to the implementation.


$125/1-2 hr in person consultation including written report  and itemized estimate.




We get it, colour choices are plain old hard. Which is why we've partnered with a local experienced colour guru! Marissa will come to your home, get a pulse for your style and  discuss what you're thinking for your space. She'll gather the information, and with swatches in hand begin pulling together your room. Marissa has a great pulse on trends, shades and is passionate about everyone feeling at home.  Most recently one of our clients said "This is exactly what I was thinking, I just didn't know which whites would look best in this room or if I was even on the right track. I'm so glad I talked with you before going out and buying the wrong shade!"



$75/room in person consultation including written report  and itemized estimate.


design it again… in a different, New way.

A long running passion, we Re-Design by taking what is already in your home and giving it a fresh, new look.

Whether it's an entire room or a single piece of furniture, our Re-Design services will bring you revamped and invigorating spaces without breaking the bank. Now that's something we all can be passionate about.


$125/1-2 hr in person consultation including written report  and itemized estimate. Furniture refinishing estimates available per piece.




Have you wanted to consult someone on the design of your space but can never find the time or money?

Do you have a space you want revamped but have no idea where to  begin? Want to With our e-design service you will impact and transform your space without breaking the bank or interrupting your schedule.


$125/1-2 hr online consultation including written report  and itemized sourcing & estimate.

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It's your space.

 Address it.   Own it.  

Feel good in it.