A Warm Welcome & Our Favourite White Paints

Welcome to the Monk & Nun Interiors blog!

Our goal with this blog is to bring you fresh content weekly that will inspire you and help you solve those design project dilemmas. For our inaugural blog post we’re going to let you in on our favorite white paints!

One of the first things we address when meeting with our design clients is paint. A simple yet so very effective change that you can also do yourself. There are endless options when it comes to paint colors, but one of the more challenging to pick is the perfect white.

Finding the perfect shade of white can open your space and bring you that simple, clean and aesthetically pleasing look that we here at Monk & Nun just love. Another great thing about choosing to paint your space white is that it is very adaptable to your decor choices. This means no more having to find the exact right color chair that won’t clash with those lime green walls!

Check out our go-to shades of white below and tell us what you think! We also want to know what else would you like to see on the Monk & Nun Interiors blog?!