Bringing the Green Indoors - Houseplants Galore!

Just because Summer is coming to an end and Fall is creeping in does not mean that you have to lose the lovely feeling that our outdoor plants bring you. In this post, we are discussing some of our favorite, easy to care for houseplants to help you through the cold weather.

No matter your lighting situation in your home, there is a houseplant out there for you. We have rounded up our top ten plants that we ourselves have in our homes and would recommend in a heart beat.

Keep scrolling to find out if your favorite plants made our list!

All photo credits go to  Flower Power

All photo credits go to Flower Power

One - Zanzibar Gem or ZZ Plant
An adaptable plant that can be placed inside or outside. When it comes to bringing the ZZ Plant
indoors, indirect sunlight or part shade is great. This plant also thrives with well draining soil but can
also withstand drought conditions.

Two - Snake Plant
The snake plant is a great option for those spaces in your home that just don’t get enough light.
These guys can also handle those times when you forget to water them. They are a really great
“starter” plant for those plant newbies out there!

Three - Hoya
This particular Hoya is called a ‘Krimson Queen’ because of it’s variegation. There are multiple
types of Hoya plants that share these same qualities as the Krimson Queen. Those qualities are
their love of indirect sun, drought tolerant and frost tolerant. This queen also flowers!

Four - String of Pearls
String of Pearls’ popularity has recently risen and for good reasons. This succulent prefers full sun
and doesn’t mind going dry for a little bit. Talk about easy!

Five - Peace Lily
Another flowering favorite, the Peace Lily can grow up to 60cm tall! With flowers making an
appearance during three out of the four seasons, this gal likes partial sunlight and more shady areas.

Six - Ficus Elastica or Rubber Plant
The Rubber Plant is another houseplant that has many different variations. From color to size, there is
is a Rubber Plant out there for everyone. This plant prefers the sunnier of places within the home but
can also grow just fine in partial shade. Pictured above is a “Ficus Burgundy”.

Seven - Pothos
With different levels of variegation available the Pothos is a great choice if you don’t get as much
natural light in your home. Easy to propagate and easy to grow, the Pothos is your next favorite
trailing houseplant. Pictured above is a “Jade Pothos”

Eight - Chain of Hearts
If you’re looking for a trailing plant with a little bit of color and most adorable shape, then the Chain
of Hearts is at the top of your list. Producing small flowers through the year, this plant likes to hang
out in most places throughout the home, but prefers sun.

Nine - Spider
Can you even call yourself a plant lover if you don’t own at least one Spider plant? This plant enjoys
the shadier of conditions as well as being well watered through the warmer months and drier
through the colder.

Ten - Prayer Plant
This. Plant. Moves. Need I say more? You can watch the Prayer Plant open its leaves and close them
throughout the day, hence the name. It is a great option for shadier of places, as well those who can
be forgetful hen it comes to watering their plants.

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