Home Office Musts

As the Fall season takes full effect, we have also started to get back into the school routine (and hopefully you have to!).

This means more homework sessions, late night project help, or if you are like us, working from home. It was not until recently that we here at Monk & Nun Interiors stepped out of our home office. So to say we have some experience in the home-work life balance would be an understatement.

For this weeks post, we have rounded up some of our absolute must haves for your office, whether that is at home or work! If you don’t have a formal ‘office’ area in your home, need not worry as these must haves can provide help to the classic dining table set up as well (we’ve all been there).


One - Possibly one of the most important pieces for any work space is the chair. If you are settling in for a long
session, the last thing you want to deal with is a sore back from not having the right chair. The first
option is from Wayfair. We love the pop of color it brings in with the leather to this mood board. The
second option is one from Ikea. This is actually a chair that we have in our own office and can speak to
its comfort level as well as its easy assembly!

Two - Tabletop storage is key to staying productive. No one has time to be rooting around looking for their
favorite pen when you can have a place for your go-to supplies right in front of you. This option is great
for those who may not have a concrete work space in their home as it has great portability (and its nice
to look at!).

Three - Something that we use everyday in our office is a wall-mounted dry erase calendar. Having your
months plans right in front of you has helped us stay organized and kept everyone on the same page.
By choosing a dry erase option, you also cut down on the paper waste and this is true for this gem of
a find.

Four - When it comes to lighting, there are so many options to choose from. For an office work space we like
opt for a task light style lamp as you can move and adjust to the perfect angles for your unique space.
This lamp is no different, with swivel and moving parts, it is a great take on a classic piece.

Five - Storage is something you can never have too much, especially when it comes to a home office.
Giving objects a designated spot can help with keeping the work-home line clear and avoids mixing
the two! The Skadis Pegboard collection from Ikea is a great option as they can be completely
customized to your needs. You can purchase pieces separately or as combinations, which is what you
see in the visual above.

Six - Perhaps a given, a desk space to do your work at is essential for your work area. In our office, we have
chosen the custom desk route through Ikea. With affordable options and a wide range of pieces to
choose from, it is a surprise that this concept is not more popular than it is! Pictured above are the
Alex drawer unit acting as one support portion, on the other end of the desk is the Oddvald trestle leg.
To top off the combination is the Gerton Tabletop!

Did we miss anything? Let us know what your absolute must haves for your work space are in the comments below!