An Autumn Mood Board!

It is often that we find ourselves in a full aisle of decor options, but none that really speak to us or achieve the vision we have. This just means we have to flex our creative muscles, and if you know us, that is no issue!

This week we have brought you an Autumn mood board compiled of items you may or may not find at your local shops. We envision this design for a front porch and believe these pieces that can fulfill your seasonal decor needs as we float from Thanksgiving to Halloween and beyond.

A M O O D B O A R D B Y M O N K & N U N I N T E R I O R S.png

One - A twist on a classic Fall staple, these white, ceramic pumpkins still get the job done! In various sizes
and in a pack of three, they make for a great filler to spread around your porch.

Two - We love to use multiples of the same item at different sizes, these lanterns make no exception.
Group them together or spread them throughout your space, they bring a big presence as well as
soft rounded edges to not break up the effortless flow of your design.

Three - Who doesn’t appreciate being met with a quirky door mat?! This hand crafted door mat is a tasteful
way to greet your guests as they take in your beautifully autumn space. We think its super cute and
has the potential to stick around all fall long!

Four - We always encourage bringing natural elements into your designs and this is a great season to do
so! If you are not as lucky as some of us and do not have the resources to pluck your own autumnal
arrangement, check out these different pieces we have found. The great thing about going artificial
is that you can reuse in crafts and designs in the future!
Lotus Pods, Burgundy Berries, Tri-Colored Eucalyptus, Dried Cat Tail

Five - What would a floral arrangement be without a vessel to house it?! We have chosen this timeless
milk jug to hold our flowers and fall finds because of its unique look that adds to the space but does
not take away from the other pieces.

Six - Our last item (or items) are totally optional to this design but, we thought we would bring them in
because we are such fans of the rug layering trend. Placing either one of these rugs underneath our
door mat will add dimension as well as texture to the space. The darker option is guaranteed to help
anchor the area where as the lighter option brightens and opens the space. Which one would you

As always, let us know what you think of this post in the comments below!